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    The Power Of The Placebo

    Discover what happens inside your body and your brain when the placebo effect is at play. From the man who has performed fake operations to alleviate back pain to the scientist studying the effect of fake oxygen on physical performance, placebos have been shown to cause real and measurable physiological changes.

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    In Her Skin — Series Premiere

    Mystery, love, scandal, a psychic dog called Pacho, two murdered souls fighting for the control of one body, plus an attractive Spanish man called Deigo. New series In Her Skin is one of Spanish network Telemondo’s most addictive, action packed telenovelas.

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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Jake’s dream comes true when he gets to spend the day with his hero, Jimmy Brogan (guest star Stacy Keach), a former crime reporter. But the dream becomes a nightmare when Jake’s comments about Holt and the precinct are considered “on the record.”

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    The Journey of Mankind with Eddie Izzard

    Actor and comedian Eddie Izzard sets out on an incredible personal quest to follow the route of his ancestors in a 200,000-year migration from Africa to Europe. Becoming the first human ever to trace his genes’ journey, this spectacular global travelogue starts with a sample of Eddie’s DNA. 

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    Machu Picchu Decoded

    It is the most famous archaeological ruin in the Western hemisphere, an iconic symbol of the power and engineering prowess of the Incas, and yet it remains an enigma. But now, a new generation of archaeologists are accurately decoding Machu Picchu, with new revelations about who built it, how and why.


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